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Predator Urban Survival Gear and Training Logo


We really dont need to tell anyone that it is always critical to be well prepared for anything.  This is what PSG stands for.

We ensure that you get the best gear which is customized to your specifications.  Though not cheap like most moderately expensive bins and bags out on the market, Our gear is filled with the best and most trusted equipment in production.

You will KNOW that you are safe or well prepared with the best tested in the field gear from a wide variety of reputable survival, emergency preparedness, camping, hiking, rescue and medical equipment out today.

Our Survival Training is ran and operated by well know TV/Radio and Print personality as well as the founder of the Proving Grounds, Tommy DILallo.

He will ensure that you are streamlined with effective methods of training as well as TESTING your skills instead of just being lectured.  The training can be stressful depending on the course but you will KNOW as long as you keep training and testing yourself that you are ready for whatever adventure or challenge you face.

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