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Reality Self Defense and Street Weapons Defense and Retention


Predator Fighting Method is a Reality Urban Self Defense that deals strictly with reality scenarios that could happen anywhere and at anytime. It is a hybrid of very popular martial arts and self defense systems from all over the world in which founder, Tommy DiLallo has received instructor-ship or a Black Belt in the arts.

This is about the student on what they can become and what journey they attend to take, giving them confidence, a new trade-craft,  life skill and the ability to transfer all of what is taught to everyday life success.

You cant buy your way through, its tough and everything is earned, but we promise....its worth it.

What Martial Arts are included?

  • Wing Chun Kung Fu ( 4 Lineages ) –Jeet Kune Do

  • Muay Thai /Kickboxing (Sport)

  • Western Boxing/Dirty or Street Boxing - (Street)

  • Keysi Fighting Method (KEYSI/Defence Lab) - (Street)

  • Grappling Arts (Jiu Jitsu, Wrestling) - Sport

  • Military Combatives (Krav Maga, American Combatives, Systema) - (Combatives)

  • Traditional Japanese/Korean (Traditional)

  •  Mixed Martial Arts (Sport)

  •  Filipino Weapons (Pekiti, Kali, Escrima)- (Real Weapons Training)

  •  Firearms/Military Tactics Courses- (Real Weapons Training- Live Fire)

As Seen on: Inside Martial Arts TV, Black Belt TV, The Dark Knight Rises, Walking Dead, NATGEO, Weather Channel, FX, BBC, Youtube Documentaries, Many Publications and Radio.



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