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With everyone being sick, why not put a buffer in your health defense?

Listen, the colder weather affects everyone. But then again you are talking to someone that hasnt been sick with the Flu, COVID, RSV, or any bug in almost 15 years. So why?

Its because I train all the time and follow fitness protocols for a healthier life.

Fitness goes beyond exercise. You must include prayer, mediation, a correct diet, de-stressing, post workout recoveries, supplements, stretching and alone time.

Our gym is not just focused on the CLASS for the hour, we are constantly educating our athletes on all aspects of health and wellness.

Basically everything you put into your body, including televised news, the people you hang around with, how many times you consume alcohol , not getting enough sleep and keeping a daily routine causes STRESS to your well being..

The education comes with the cost of tuition and is also broadcasted in a GYM CHAT, The problem is people only want to do things as soon as they realize they are not immortal. Great quote. " Those who do not find time for fitness, will be forced to find time for sickness": (Paraphrased). If you start supplements when you are sick, your body has NO idea on how to use them. Then you are forced to take over the counter or prescription based meds which FORCE your body to do things.

Its 2023. Lets cut your excuses, lies you tell yourself and you believe and self sabotage so you can put yourself into situations so you cant go to the gym.

Make 2023 the year of health and happiness so at the end of 2023, you can actually say Happy New Year and mean it.

Join us. The biggest challange is walking in the door.

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