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What is being FIT? Create your blueprint.

Simply put, Fitness is Mind, Body and Spiritual health. The ability to tackle anything life throws a you in these areas and to maintain low stress levels and keep bio markers at good levels.

It is also the ability to move free without pain in these areas. Its not a one dimensional view, but a 3 part view. (See Trinity Blog Post)

I really started my journey into the world of fitness (even though I thought I was fit) with CrossFit and Obstacle Course races. BOTH woke me up that I had work to do.

So what do we follow? Well CrossFit once again came up with a great way to look at fitness.

I would cut out something here, like the meat part, but otherwise this is defined. This is a easy blueprint to follow and it can be customized to you.

They also neglect to mention mental and spiritual health which I think go hand an hand.

Complete health needs these areas of your life to be "worked out" as well.

How? Well, Spiritual is all about getting closer to God, yes you might believe in something else but for me as much as I've done studying on fitness, I've also gave the same focus on my spiritual life. That includes, prayer, meditation, the things I listen to and what i read and watch.

My Mental toughness is set by me as it will by you by testing how long can I handle a physical event like the GoRuck or Spartan Beast. I put myself in situations that test these ranges of mental toughness.

By doing this it enables you to handle the stresses of the world when bad new or situations arise.

Create your blueprint. Tailor it to your needs and then stick to it everyday. There is much more to fitness then what I wrote here but in the end, this is a great start. Good Luck and God Speed.

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