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Retinol Skin Cream Benefits- Hide/Blend those wrinkles and lift that sagging face.

Yup! Yours truly has gotten into the performance and body optimization product field. Introducing CAMO (tm). Sol on the Website/Etsy and eBay.

Our first product launch is Retinol Cream. Retinol helps boosts collagen in the skin.

It is a VERY popular product for both men and women and has real results.

Here are a few:

  • It is most known for its anti-aging property because retinol binds to the retinoid receptors on the skin, enhancing cell turnover and stimulating the production of elastin and collagen (skin proteins).

  • It thickens the deeper skin layers and enhances the skin's ability to retain water. This improves fine lines and wrinkles and reflects youthful, glowing skin.

  • It also thins out the topmost cornified epithelial layer of the skin improving the tone and texture of the skin.

  • It can help normalize the functions of oil glands and their follicles and is extremely helpful in controlling acne.

  • It helps to soften fine lines and lightening hyperpigmentation in targeted areas or all over the skin.

If you are interested in our Christmas Launch and would like a change to win a FREE bottle. Email us to get on the VIP List. Winner will be picked on Black Friday this month.

For more info, you can visit our pre-launch website at:

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