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Its called a workout people....Not an easy out. Fitness Science is showing short work of high intensity interval training breeds the most results.

To be successful at your workouts all you have to do is ask yourself a few questions.

  1. Why am I breaking? Are you winded or did you "count" yourself into a break, meaning did you stop on an even number? If so, why not an odd number.

  2. Can you go heavier? Going heavier produces more results. period. More muscle grown and more calories burn in a shorter amount of time. Work smart.

  3. Can I go faster? Well...Can you? If so, do it. As i mentioned, HIGH INTENSITY training yields the best results. Just remember go faster with a weight that you can handle safely and with good form.

See, just a few questions, and answer honestly. You do these few things and your workouts will produce better results and science has proven that the harder you work, the content you feel after a workout.

Put in the work and go home feeling as you accomplished something.

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