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Updated: May 24, 2022

Some Functional Fitness Training Centers are absolutely insane for tuition/membership.

F45/CrossFit gyms are charging over 200-300+ dollars a month.

We have BETTER/SAFER/RESULTS DRIVEN TRAINING then they ALL do. We deal with ALL aspects of functional training.

However our tuition is the LOWEST around compared to all of them.

NO, We are not talking about globogym membership like Synergy/Lifetime/UFC, etc, and for 10 - 50 bucks a month you can go to the gym occasionally.

With a BAD ECONONY and HIGH GAS PRICES its time to save BUT not neglecting your health and wellness in the process. Try us out. The transition will be seamless and so much fun.

2 FREE UNLIMITED WEEKS of training, hiking, activities, health and wellness tps and most importantly- Accountability.

Lets be very straight with you. This is a WORKING gym. Yes we have fun, but we know exactly what it takes to get the results you need and want. If you are into SELFIES or building your butt or abs. THIS IS NOT THE GYM FOR YOU.

This gym is to build your mental/physical toughness.

So, with Gas Prices/Food/ and other good rising. Get the best training and actually walk away with better training and more money in your pocket. We guarantee our training or your money back.

You have nothing to lose but the money your wasting on other gyms.

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