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Fitness is a MORAL & ETHIC Responsibility

Lets start off with some Socrates and Plato. During their time 300-400 BC, the life expectancy was 50-55. However both men lived over 80 years of age.

Why? Genetics? Heck No....They loved physical activity. They wrote about it and lived it.

There were no nutritionists, medicine (as we know it) and....GYMS.

Lets take a look at a couple of quotes from them.

This was as true a thousands of years ago, as it is today. You have been given the gift of life and no person should go through life without seeing what your full potential could be. (Paraphrasing another Socrates Quote).

With Obesity, Diabetes, and many other diseases running and controlling us from lack of activity, fast foods and lack of movement, isnt it your duty to at least try..over and over if necessary?

Yes...It is. You are also helping an overburdened health care system that average tax payers have to dish out every single year.

You might not change the world becoming fit, but you will sure change your personal world.

Those who dont find time for fitness will have to find time for sickness and disease....

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