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Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Every single year we have some sort of NEW YEARS resolution that we are not ready or willing to fulfill.

Its not that we dont want to. Its because we dont know how to go about it or have a plan to go along with it.

Seriously. ITS EASY TO LOSE weight. Its EASY to get toned once you exercise 4 days a week regardless of your fitness level.

Let us PROVE it to you that you can get the health and body you deserve by putting in the WORK. Yes, Its a WORKOUT, not an EASY OUT. Not that its hard to do it, its hard to be persistent and dedicated.

If you feel you are worth it, we will put in the work and help you every stp of the way. Yes there will be sacrifices and changes. However, this is the gift that keeps on giving. Health and Wellness will improve the entire year.

Our retention level of our students is insane. They have been with us for YEARS.

You have a FREE 2 WEEK HOLIDAY GIFT, to take ANY, yes, ANY class you wish. Get to know us. Just remember, it starts off aa bit tough but gets easier.

Dont be a poor statistic. Be a winner. Join the Proving Grounds Gym

Call now: 347-551-3498

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