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Do Supplements really work- Short Answer.

Well, Do they? Yes....They do....but there is a catch,

This is a multi-billion dollar industry. Its confusing, sometimes unreliable information so lets help you out a bit.

One of the most important things you need to know about your product is that if it is a real supplement.

There are so many supplements that are literally just fake with no nutritional benefit. Make sure you pick a reputable company with a good track record and history in the market.

The other thing to stay clear away is from "experts", "studies" and medical professionals who have no degree in nutrition or supplementation. Just because they have an MD/PHD after their title doesnt mean they know everything about everything in the medical field.

Finally, dosage. Notice that "recommended" dosage is on the bottle/vial/container so you have to ensure if a larger or smaller does is better for you.

I have been taking supplements for years and quite a bit and I can say for certain, that they work. How?

If I dont take them, I feel different. My energy drops, mood changes, feel ill or drained and even sometimes get sick. Issues that I have had with vision starting to get blurry has been reversed. My blood work is better. All markers are above or below where they should be.

Now, How to make them work. Simple answer- Be consistant. It takes time for supplements to work. Most are natural so it takes time. Dont skip days, it needs to be apart of your lifestyle.

Try different brands. Vitamin D low and been on it for over a year and your blood work is coming back still below where it should be? Switch to a more popular brand.

Im not here to give you medical advice but for myself, I notice the difference. Its always good to research what you would like to take care of in your life and look at the benefits plus possible side effects.

Dont listen to any research finally. Google this "Percentage of Studies that are WRONG". In the medical community......90% of ALL studies are wrong. You go what works for you and what keeps you healthy.

Spend the extra money on the better brand as long as they are reputable. In my LIFE study of actually taking multiple supplements. They work.

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