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Regardless of the time of year, we always move from one location to the next by making sure we are at a perfect temperature and feeling, well....Comfortable.

We leave our temperature controlled house/apartment, head into our temperature controlled transportation, into our climate controlled store, job, and yes, even gyms.

We just don't want to feel any discomfort in our lives.

However this has a major backfire to our mental health.

Mental Toughness is necessary for longevity and survival. If you are put into a hard situation and have not trained outside of your comfort zone, we tend to overreact and/or be overwhelmed and don't know how to handle it which leads to health disturbing stress.

Training outside of your comfort zone, or just making a journey less comfortable like in your car on a real hot or cold day and not having the heat or A/C on builds mental toughness. Plus once you get to your location, you can appreciate the temperature change even more.

You can also start training with a heavier weight, or not taking that break, and giving all you have, not only builds that toughness, but it also improves health and wellness physically and mentally.

There are benefits in training in the COLD and HEAT. It just has to be done right and safely.

Find a gym like the Proving Grounds, that pushes your mental toughness and cares more about you as a whole than just see you cosmetically fit.

Do something that sucks everyday. and watch how you feel 6 months from now.

Train for life, Train for anything. Build Mental Toughness and always work outside your comfort zone.

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