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10 ways to get better results from your workout

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Yes you can maximize the results of a workout pre, during and post if you follow these 10 steps.

  1. Hydrate and Carb Up- This will get your body prepped to sweat and have energy to prep before the workout.

  2. Pre Workout Fuel- Besides what was just mentioned, a good cup of coffee or pre workout powder will help you with deficient nutrients

  3. Active Stretch and Breathing- Prior to the workout you should be giving you body and doing some rhythmic breathing to warm up the muscles and joints and oxygenating them around 5 minutes prior. Do NOT static stretch in one position. That is later.

  4. Hydrate during your workouts- Most workouts are short in duration and you can pretty much go without water. But those hot days. You should be drinking as often as you can. Keep you body regulated and have more fluid to cool your body down.

  5. Pace yourself- Regardless of the challenge and instructors pace, Make sure you are catching up on your oxygen levels and slow down or back off if you start to get dizzy.

  6. Hit your Target Heart Rate- Hitting your target heart rate means that you can feel and sometimes see your heart beating through your chest. This is awesome for your cardiac response and great for the heart in moderation. Do not exceed max heart rate to often and try to stay at 80-85% of your max through the entire workout.

  7. Grind through the pain- Once you grind through the pain of soreness or fatigue your body starts to protect and reprogram itself, so your pain threshold goes up and you will be able to endure a little more after each workout

  8. Static Stretch and Roll it out- Now you can static stretch. I do recommend rolling first, this way to move any lactic acid away and to be absorbed by the body and it will less likely make you cramp up when you static stretch. Hold for 15-20 seconds each pose and make sure you get every part of the body you worked out.

  9. 40/40/20 Carbs, Protein and Fat. Try to eat right after your workout, though there is no scientific proof that it really matters, it just ensures if you make a habit of it, you wont forget it and its essential for repair and recovery.

  10. Hydrate and Rest- Try to consume as much water as you can before and after the workout. Your body needs it to recover and it makes everything operate well with a well balanced water plan. If you are urinating anything darker than a tint of yellow. You are dehydrated. Drink until you urinate again CLEAR.

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